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    One of the main causes of roof leaks is deteriorated or faulty chimneys and/or chimney flashing.

    Groover Chimney & Masonry specialists offer all types of chimney and masonry repairs and maintenance. Your masonry work will be inspected by a professional mason, and an assessment will be made on the type of service required. This ranges from a simple masonry sealant application to a complete chimney rebuild to the roof line. Sometimes, a grind out and repoint is required to give your chimney a guarantee that will last a lifetime. This can include removing the existing wash top or chimney crown and installing a new concrete chimney crown, which is reinforced with steel rebar and expansion joints to eliminate the crown cracking in the future. Sometimes, the chimney can be eliminated, and an HVAC vent pipe can be installed instead, venting appliances out through the roof with proper flashing.


    Chimney and Masonry Steps (some or all may be needed):

    • Inspect the chimney brick, chimney top (crown), and flashing for deterioration causing leakage.
    • Repair or replace the deteriorated conditions. In most cases, scaffolding is needed to be constructed for safety and best practices.
    • Apply new step flashing and custom formed counter flashing to give our chimney a new and water tight presence.
    • Apply a water repellant sealant to the entire exposed chimney.


    Our masonry crew works year round, in all types of weather conditions. If necessary, we will tent and heat the chimney area to perform our work professionally.

    Because financing home improvement projects is common, we maintain long-standing relationships with our financing partners. Big or small, we can help make your project affordable. We have several financing options available to best meet your current financial needs, including some with 0% interest. We also accept all major credit cards.