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    One of the main causes of roof leaks is deteriorated or faulty chimneys and/or chimney flashing.

    Groover Chimney & Masonry specialists offer all types of chimney and masonry repairs and maintenance. Your masonry work will be inspected, and an assessment will be made on the type of service required.

    We offer the following chimney services:

    • Chimney rebuild: When bricks have suffered years of water damage and deterioration, a partial or complete rebuild of the chimney is necessary to restore the structural integrity of the chimney.
    • Chimney repoint: When the bricks are not deteriorated and the chimney is still structurally sound, the existing mortar joints can be ground out and filled with new mortar.
    • Chimney crown: Our chimney crowns are reinforced with steel rebar and expansion joints, and poured with concrete (instead of mortar) to eliminate any future cracking.
    • Custom-fabricated counter flashing: Our heavy-gauge flashing is custom fabricated on-site and can be designed in a multitude of colors to match your home and style.
    • Chimney elimination and/or HVAC pipes: Depending on what appliances vent through the masonry chimney, sometimes it can be replaced with an HVAC pipe or even be completely eliminated. Often times, this is more cost effective than rebuilding the chimney.
    • EIFS: EIFS can provide a more affordable option when a deteriorated chimney needs to be completely rebuilt.

    All of our masonry work is coated with a waterproofing treatment.

    In most cases, scaffolding is constructed to provide a secure, stable platform for our masonry crews to work safely and effectively.

    Our masonry crews work year-round, in all types of weather conditions. If necessary, we will tent and heat the chimney area to perform our work professionally.

    Because financing home improvement projects is common, we maintain long-standing relationships with our financing partners. Big or small, we can help make your project affordable. We have several financing options available to best meet your current financial needs. We also accept all major credit cards.