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    Applying vinyl siding involves more than just nailing siding to the side of your house.


    Siding Steps:

    • Remove and dispose of existing vinyl or aluminum siding if present.
    • Inspect all wall surfaces. Any deteriorated areas are repaired or replaced with new lumber to create a solid nailing surface.
    • Cover all walls with foil backed “fanfold” foam wrap, then seal with Weathermate construction tape at the seams to make water tight and eliminate any air flow.
      • Fanfold makes the surface smoother.
      • Fanfold reduces noise transmission.
      • Fanfold provides insulation.
    • Seal all window and door perimeters with butyl flashing tape, making a water tight seal.
    • Fasten all accessory blocks to walls (electrical outlets, water spigots, vents, etc.)
    • Custom fabricate heavy gauge aluminum wrap around all window and door perimeters, and build out, if necessary.
    • Custom fabricate heavy gauge aluminum and install, as necessary.
    • Remove or release existing spouting.
    • Install vented soffit panels along all leading edges. Install solid soffit panels on all gable ends. Vent existing soffit, if necessary. Check for rafter baffles, and install if needed.
    • Wrap all fascia wood with new custom fabricated aluminum.
    • Hand-nail siding to walls per manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Apply new or existing spouting.


    We also offer specialty products such as:

    • Columns and posts (load bearing & non-load bearing)
    • Faux stone and brick (vinyl)
    • Vinyl shakes and scallops
    • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) – Synthetic Stucco AKA Dryvit
    • PVC Trim Shapes, Corbels & Brackets, Keystones, Decorative Molded Millwork (Fypon)


    Because financing home improvement projects is common, we maintain long-standing relationships with our financing partners. Big or small, we can help make your project affordable. We have several financing options available to best meet your current financial needs, including some with 0% interest. We also accept all major credit cards.